We MOBILIZE stylists and volunteers to use their gifts to serve and encourage women who are in RECOVERY from human trafficking.

There is healing in something as simple as a haircut, a style, a manicure, or a pedicure. We believe that there are thousands of stylists and others around the country who have the ability to restore a sense of worth in a victim of human trafficking through volunteering their time and their spaces. 

The recovery process for victims of human trafficking can be a long journey, but one that begins with the first steps. Many victims will come off of the streets and enter into a secure location to begin this process of healing after years of being abused, coerced, manipulated, and used. We have found that a simple salon service can remind these victims that they have tremendous value and worth, and that the next steps toward recovery are worth taking. 

Because of our partnerships with both salons and non-profits who run the halfway houses, MISSIO seeks to connect stylists with these organizations to serve and volunteer their time. To better prepare them, MISSIO will further train stylists to best prepare them for these opportunities.