It was just another day delivering products to local salons when I (Lorin) encountered the most amazing stylist and story.

As we were chatting about products and thanking the stylists there for being a part of MISSIO, a beautiful young red-headed stylist named Krysten looked at me and said, “Your education saved my life!”

A few months prior, we had visited her salon to educate them on human trafficking - we trained the staff about the realities of this issue in their city, the warning signs and red flags they might encounter, and how to assist someone who may be at risk or a victim. Little did we know that a stylist in attendance would herself have to fend off an attempted abduction at her apartment complex.

Here’s her story: As she was walking her dogs one night, a man was standing outside acting like he was searching for things in his car. With the MISSIO training fresh in her mind, her awareness of the situation heightened. He began to approach her and she fled quickly while he aggressively pursued her. She was able to make it back to her home, locked her doors, hid and called 911 while he tried to break in by kicking the door. Terrified, she stayed in her bathroom until the police arrived.

“As soon as this started happening, everything that you taught us popped in my mind.” She shared that she moved to escape faster because she immediately thought of what she had learned in the MISSIO training, and her intuition and awareness kicked in. We are extremely grateful that she is safe and that we were able to play a part helping her in what could have been a horrible outcome.

What a privilege we have as MISSIO to have the opportunity to educate and raise the awareness of stylists and salon staff, as well as countless others around the country. It is stories like these that keep us going, confident that this initiative is making a meaningful difference. Thank YOU for being a part so that we can get in front of as many people as possible and continue to raise awareness in our communities.

If you are interested in more info about our education click here, and if you would like to read the news article about this incident.