"The World Needs Who You Were Made To Be"

From the first moments we began dating (a long time ago in college!), we always dreamed about “doing big things.” Of course, we had no idea what this could look like; we had very little idea about our career paths or where God would take us, but we knew we were created to do something meaningful, something with purpose.

Two weeks ago, we were preparing for our trip to Magnolia, getting ready to meet over 10,000 people per day at Spring at the Silos. We looked at each other and had a lightbulb moment, realizing that we’ve been dreaming about an opportunity like this for a long time!

To create products, a brand, and a company that was selected out of over 700 applications, to be one of 90 invited to attend this nationally recognized event — this is BIG.

To introduce MISSIO, share our story, and sell our purposefully detailed and designed products to someone; to know that our work is supporting local and global initiatives fighting one of the worlds greatest injustices — this is BIG.

To hear reports that over 300 potential victims of human trafficking were rescued just last month through the organizations we have the privilege to support, and to have the opportunity to tell THEIR stories to people from all walk of life — this is BIG.

To haul boxes of products and furniture from the MISSIO office halfway across the country, for us to have the opportunity to meet the most incredible brands and vendors from all over the country, as well as hear from Joanna Gaines herself about how much PASSION she could see we had all put into our work — this is BIG.

To sit here and think that the ideas behind these products were just a dream, one that took many years of patience, persistence, and hard work; to now being given the opportunity to see our dream come to life — this is BIGGER than us and our dream. God placed this vision in our hearts, we are grateful to steward this dream with such an amazing team. Thank you for believing in us, cheering us on, and continuing to support MISSIO as the dream unfolds. We are so excited and grateful to have EVERY ONE of you a part of this with us! 

If you would like to read more about our time at Magnolia’s Spring at the Silos, check out the photos below!

With love and gratitude,

Kyle and Lorin

LOVE JUSTICE: Our First Global Partner

On this special LOVE day, we could not be more thrilled to announce our newest partner - Love Justice. We are honored, humbled, excited, and overjoyed to partner with this incredible international organization and help contribute this fighting human trafficking worldwide. You are a part of this with us!

We first interacted with Love Justice at an event here and Wilmington where we met the founder Doug Dworak, the Global Ambassador of Love Justice International. A couple of months later, we had the opportunity to spend more time with him in Dallas. To say we love this guy and his heart is an understatement! He and his team are truly an inspiration, and we at MISSIO hope to play an increasing role supporting this organization in the years to come as we grow.  

Love Justice’s heartbeat is beautiful. Fueled by God’s love, they are committed to finding and implementing the best, most effective strategies to prevent human trafficking and rescue it’s victims. They primarily serve in two areas: Children’s Homes/Schools and Human Trafficking Intervention.

Before orphaned and abandoned children become subject to trafficking, they help to place at-risk children in a safe environment where they receive love, education, and rehabilitation. Through their Dream School, they help children realize their dreams by creating a place where they can become all that they have created to be.

Also, they serve potential victims of human trafficking by monitoring national borders and transit hubs, intercepting victims before they are lost to the dark world of modern day slavery. Through transit monitoring and interception, they attack trafficking at the most strategic moment—while it is in the process of occurring and BEFORE exploitation and enslavement. They have intercepted over 16,000 people from slavery, exploitation, and abuse - amazing!

Love Justice work effortlessly and passionately in both of these huge areas of prevention and intervention. The are based in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, but are expanding their reach to South Africa, Mongolia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Benin, and Thailand.

We are so excited to be able to partner with Love Justice and take our reach global- thank YOU for being difference makers with us. You choosing our beautiful products with a beautiful purchase makes this partnership possible. Thank you!

To read more about Love Justice and GIVE directly to this amazing work, visit https://www.lovejustice.ngo


A recent email we received from a stylist who attended our education in Alabama reads…

"Very rarely can I quote what I hear people say but the words that Lorin used when we heard her speak in Alabama will stick with me FOREVER! She was telling us the story about sitting on the floor and polishing the toenails of a girl who was just rescued from her captor. “There is something very humbling about positioning yourself lower than a person who is at the lowest point of their life. So powerful.”

Our team read the email aloud in the office, we were in awe. 

Later, this INSPIRED stylist went on to write:

“The girls and I have set up our first outreach, December 3rd. We will be taking our talent on the road to visit a school where kids from 6th-12th grade are sent when they get in trouble and are expelled from their home school. It is in a very poor area of North Georgia and most of them come from broken homes and/or foster care. My sister in law works there and she says all the kids really need and WANT is to be loved… and for people to be kind to them. We are so excited that we are doing to be able to go and serve them!”

A few days later we watched as the team reported their day of service on instagram. We were so excited to cheer on Amanda Black and her team at Retrospective Salon in Georgia as they went “Beyond the Chair”  to serve and show love to others last week. Someone shared " The day was magical. The kids were excited and so proud of their new do’s. All students walked away from the PVIS Salon holding their heads high and smiles on their faces!"

We are so proud and humbled to help inspire this work. It is awesome to see our initiatives inspire action all over the country. Let’s keep serving others in our communities and reminding them they are worthy, they are valuable and they are LOVED. Imagine what we can do together.



Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created, or for which something exists. Motive. Intention. Cause. Reason. Resolution. Determination.
At our core, we all desire to have purpose - to live life intentionally, full of determination, and aimed towards a cause or reason. It is engrained into who we are as humans. We were created on purpose and with purpose.
At MISSIO, that truth resonates into every facet of who we are. Our mission is to live life on purpose and with a purpose so great that it extends far beyond ourselves. Everything that we do is wrapped around the determination of eradicating human trafficking throughout the world. The 29 million victims of this travesty are our motive, our reason, our purpose- and oh what a cause that it is. The beautiful cause of rescuing the lost, restoring the broken, and redeeming millions of identities that have been stolen.
We are more than just a product. We are a product with purpose. What if something that we all use every day can be used to truly change the world- one life at a time? We dream of a world where every single everyday product has a purpose greater than itself. Imagine it: every product on your shelf making a difference in the world around you. Every product provides you an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself.
What areas of your life need to be filled with purpose? Where can you intentionally make decisions to give vision and goals to your passions? Purpose brings empowerment and change, and it paves the way for lives to be changed.
We at MISSIO long to live life on purpose. We desire to live life intentionally for those around us. We want to be on an everyday mission, and we believe everyone has something in them that desires that at well. Our fight is for the victims of human trafficking, and we refuse to back down. We invite you to join our movement and our cause - our purpose, the very thing that defines our existence.
Product with Purpose. Fighting Human Trafficking.
(Visit our “Initiative” page to learn more about how we fulfill our PURPOSE)

Written by MISSIO Team Member, Mary Freshwater


The following is a true story told by MISSIO Founder, Lorin Van Zandt. 

I'll never forget the day I received the phone call. There was a woman who needed a haircut. But the reason was one I would have never expected. She needed help with her hair because there had been large chunks of it ripped out by an abuser- her pimp. 

We quickly organized to have a friend's salon space open to only her on a Sunday afternoon. She came in with her head hung, timid and obviously struggling to believe in herself due to the way she looked. She told me "I don't even want to walk outside right now."

With a nod I welcomed her and led her over to the styling chair where she would receive a simple haircut. I worked to carefully blend her hair to hide the bare spots. As time passed, I opportunity to get to know her and to hear her story. She shared about her life of abuse, a situation where she was tricked and coerced through a false relationship into a life of years of forced sex. She shared about her multiple attempts at escape and then enrollment in the rehab program. We talked about her goals for regaining custody of her children and the new life that she desired for her future. As I blended her hair, I was able to let her know that I believed that she could achieve these goals. 

When we finished, she looked at herself in the mirror and her entire countenance changed. Her face lit up and her eyes welled up with tears. She went from not being willing to be seen in public to LOVING the way that she looked and holding her head up high. She laughed and touched her hair, hugged me and cried. She could not stop saying "thank you." It was a very emotional moment to realize that this was the beginning of her believing something new about herself.

It was in moments like this that MISSIO was born, as we discovered how something as simple as a haircut at a critical time could be used in powerful ways to help women believe in their worth once again. 

Today, MISSIO seeks out opportunities to link stylists with situations just like this. In every city where we are found. Thank you for your support of all that is happening and how we are growing. Imagine what we can do together.



A lifetime of experiences and a deep passion to stand up for people in need led Lorin and Kyle Van Zandt to start MISSIO Hair in 2016. 

Lorin began doing hair when she was fifteen years old, and she quickly became passionate about beauty. She soon realized that beauty could be used to help people in need, and she began giving haircuts to the homeless, to those in drug rehab centers, and to refugees from around the world.